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Multi-Client operations


Architected from the ground up, with 3PL-Software requirements-based billing, multi-client inventory and revenue management capabilities. We are unlike other warehouse management vendors’ systems that are distribution-centric and then retrofitted with bolt-on functionality for Third Party Logistics companies.

According to Gartner, our Enterprise 3PL warehouse management was designed from the beginning to address the multi-tenant (customer) needs of Contract Logistics, with specialized capabilities for things like service-level agreements, customer profitability and billing.


Our deep industry expertise is supported by our comprehensive Third Party Logistics solution suite that encompasses the complete logistics life cycle, including EDI — inbound transportation — dock scheduling — warehouse management — cross dock — value-added services — customer service –– billing — customer & facility profitability — outbound transportation management and proof of delivery.


We assist your outsourced logistics business to improve operational efficiency and increase bottom line profitability in the following ways:

Quickly and cost-effectively add new customers or facilities leveraging the same solution and application instance across all customers and facilities.

Operate as an extension of each of your customers by easily configuring the system to meet their specific operational needs.

Know your profitability by customer; if you have several customers in a single facility, you need to know customer profitability.


Designed to meet the needs of large to mid-sized logistics service providers focused on warehousing services for Ambient and Cold Storage, Automotive and Manufacturing, Apparel, Chemicals, Furniture, High Technology, and Retail.


Contains more built-in functionality and typically requires less customization than other software. Implementation costs are very expensive for competing software, and also require dedicated, high-calibre staff to manage the system.

The total cost of ownership for a typical customer is lower over the course of the ownership compared to a competing enterprise solution.


Our services and support team can deliver in a small time frame compared to other vendors. Once purchased and the implementation process is initiated, the down time for the multi-client contract logistics operation is minimal.

New client requirements can be implemented quickly, without time-consuming and expensive code changes.

Operations must be extremely responsive to client demands.

Systems must be integrated across all the operations of 3rd Party Logistics, including billing, customer self-service, dock scheduling, and core warehousing.


Built specifically for Outsourced and Value Added Logistics providers, and thus has capabilities that can also cater to Fourth Party Logistics (4PL), otherwise known as a Lead Logistics Providers.

Outsourced logistics companies face challenges in various operational areas such as management of warehouse operations, workforce, process workflows, business intelligence, data management, enterprise mobility management, revenue assurance management, and transportation management. Some of these challenges can be categorized as follows:

Cost-centric challenges

How do I lower my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

How do I increase my Return on Investment (ROI)?

How do I track, support and manage people, processes and technology in complex logistics operations?

Compliance-centric challenges

How can I monitor performance and measure against corporate, client, and industry benchmarks?

How can I meet customer service level agreements?

How can I stay compliant with specific customer requirements in a multi-client environment?

Process-centric challenges

How do I configure, track and manage standard operating procedures (SOPs) and customized workflows in a multi-client environment?

How do I allocate tasks, assign costs, and manage exceptions in a cross-functional, complex workplace?

How do I track, trace and report on any number of variables impacting inbound, warehouse and outbound processes?

Customer-centric challenges

How do I acquire new customers, demonstrate competitive differentiators

How do I retain existing clients, meet and exceed customer service satisfaction levels?

How do I maintain distinct workflows and accountability for individual customers?

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