Logistics Software Solutions

SBNTEX provides end-to-end solutions for the key areas of the Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Shipping with high degree of parameterization and industry-best practices to ensure that management business policies get implemented as desired "on time" with minimal ROI.

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Customer Acceptance

SBNTEX is one of the leading providers of world class logistics & Supply chain software’s catering to the needs of a logistics manager, warehouse manager, freight forwarder and cargo operators. Our applications help large number of customers in varied industry segments like food and beverages, retail, pharmacy, consumer goods to take care of its logistics needs.

What it Means?

Parallel // Lines in our Logo

SBNT is inspired by Dr. Edward de Bono's work and the power of his methods. We make a conscious effort to use the generative side of thinking, opening up new possibilities, ideas, hypotheses, and solutions to design ways forward. Many of our most novel ideas to enrich client experience have come from a dedicated effort to improve our thinking about the situation at hand. Recent examples include our DOT service, C-PET, low-cost flexible migration, our life-time continuous upgrade services and the building up of our proprietary SOPA technology.

The two parallel lines // embedded into our name stand for a symbol for parallels, suggested by Dr. Edward de Bono, perhaps the world's leading thinker about thinking. Parallel thinking is a broad term that covers an alternative thinking method proposed by him.

Parallel thinking simply means laying down ideas alongside each other. There is no clash, no dispute, no initial true/false judgement. There is instead a genuine exploration of the subject from which conclusions and decisions may then be derived through a design process.

Parallel thinking offers great benefits. It is thinking cooperatively, in parallel. There is no politics and power play. Time and space is allowed for deliberate creative effort. Feelings can be freely expressed. There is a deliberate search for values and benefits in a proposal. The intrusion of the ego, a major problem with thinking, is challenged.

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