Logistics Software Solutions

SBNTEX provides end-to-end solutions for the key areas of the Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Shipping with high degree of parameterization and industry-best practices to ensure that management business policies get implemented as desired "on time" with minimal ROI.

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Customer Acceptance

SBNTEX is one of the leading providers of world class logistics & Supply chain software’s catering to the needs of a logistics manager, warehouse manager, freight forwarder and cargo operators. Our applications help large number of customers in varied industry segments like food and beverages, retail, pharmacy, consumer goods to take care of its logistics needs.



The race for expansion and consolidation among large and very large transnational players has accelerated the innate desire to minimise costs, optimize resources, and scale up operations without disrupting current performance or building up additional operational costs, across functions and departments.

SBNtex desires to enable just that. We understand your business deeply. With our expertise, active presence and industry wisdom, across continents, we are equipped to help you leapfrog to SBNtex’s versatile Integrated Application Suite (IAS). We aspire to be your partner in your yen for sophisticated, robust, scalable, industry relevant technology. And at a cost performance ratio that reflects our commitment to you.