Comprehensive solution for your enterprise

SBNtex FZE (SBNT) has been marketing and supporting software solutions for the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry domain with its key focus being Western Asia and EMEA markets.

SBNT caterers to need of Supply Chain and Logistics companies by providing Tier 1 logistics solutions that assists companies in bringing agility in their processes by reaching out to their customers faster and in a more profitable manner. We provide a complete powerful and adaptable platform that allows our clients to drive growth, customer satisfaction and revenue.

We provide solutions for:

  • Warehouse Management

    Our warehouse management solutions adapt to diverse requirements of businesses & also integrate easily with varied ERP solutions, to enable hassle free management of your warehousing activities. We support turnkey as well as fully customised solutions. Know more

  • Ecommerce

    Our eCommerce solutions integrate with ERPs and eCommerce platforms easily. This integration enables businesses to get the visibility into their warehouses to manage scalability in order volumes thus ensuring a great experience for customers. This also helps businesses to provide value added services to customers which will in turn result in highly satisfied customers leading to more ROI. Know more

  • Transportation

    Our transportation software solutions serve as a Transportation Management System which caters to carriers, brokers, 3PL providers, & shippers. The solution is available on site or online and is customisable as per business requirements. This solution enables to reduce your customer service costs & ensures your freight moves at the lowest possible cost. Know more

  • Store Delivery/DSD

    Our Store Delivery/DSD solution manages routes, hand-held computing devices, customers and driver schedules. It provides efficient route planning which helps to increase sales volume and revenue while ensuring efficient execution of front and back office operations. This solution ensures effective direct store delivery, flexible route accounting & improved customer service. Know more

  • Omnichannel Retail

    Our Omnichannel Retail solutions enable easy management of cross channel inventory, thus providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience. Omnichannel retail solutions provide a lot of benefits such as increased efficiency, faster inventory movement, increased store traffic and consumer spending as well as flexibility. Know more

  • Trading Network/EDI

    Our Trading Network/EDI solutions enable easy EDI compliance with trading partner requirements. Enjoy reduced costs, simplified EDI compliance & increased efficiency using our solutions. Know more

  • HighJump One Platform Apps

    HighJump One Platform Apps is HighJump’s very own business intelligence platform. It provides insights into the functioning of your operations as well as resources. This helps you to make informed and well planned decisions about your business operations. Know more

  • Forwarding

    Our Forwarding solutions help global freight forwarders with an extensive solution which helps them to organize all aspects of their shipments across covering multiple transport modes. You get enhanced visibility, streamlined shipments and clearer communications which help you manage highly complex, time critical operations while improving your productivity. Know more

  • Liner & Agency

    Our Liner & Agency solutions help to manage shipments for multiple principals via a cloud based system. This facilitates smoother management of shipments via automated data exchange. Know more

  • CFS

    A container freight station (CFS) has to be well maintained for the smooth transition of imports & exports. Our container freight station (CFS) solutions provide End-to-End Integration for simplified shipments. Know more

  • Land Transport

    Our land transport solutions ensure efficient global land transportation. Our mobile application allows for import management on the go. Know more

  • Track & Trace

    Our track & trace web based solution provides increased visibility which helps to monitor the status & movement of goods in real time at any point of time. Know more

  • Geo Compliance

    Our geo compliance solutions remove the need for having a team of local experts in every jurisdiction in order to manage a global business.Our solutions enable you to have effective communications with global connections, stay compliant with local laws & secure your link in the supply chain. Know more

  • Customs Clearance

    Ensuring that complex regional compliance requirements are met is a challenge for logistics and supply chain providers. Our customs clearance solutions ensure you are in compliance with global customs, facilitates data collection and automation and provides increased operational integration. Know more

  • Ship Management Software