supply chain

Track & Trace

A Track & Trace solution provides a web based tracking functionality that allows for easy tracking of the status of goods, orders or shipments in real time. Irrespective of whether you are an overseas agent, freight forwarder or warehouse operator, a track & trace module gives you & your client access to the information required whenever & wherever it’s required.


Enhanced visibility is a key feature of a robust track and trace system. It also helps to keep your customers confident that their goods are safe. 24/7 visibility on a feature - rich online portal in a real time environment will help you & your customers to keep track of whether the shipments are on target & on time.

Web tracking made simple:

An easy & effective integrated tracking solution helps to streamline customer interactions and allows for more productive operations. The data can be automatically uploaded to the online tracking portal, so that any details pertaining to the shipment can be obtained easily. All important shipment-related documentation can be stored in one place so that nothing goes missing.


CargoWise One developed by WiseTech Global has a robust web-based tracking facility that allows you & your clients to track the status of shipments or orders quickly with ease in real time.

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