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Omni channel Retail

Omnichannel Retail is the integration of all offline (physical) and online (digital) channels to offer a unified customer experience across each individual channel. The purpose of having an Omnichannel retail strategy is to provide similar experience to shoppers who make their purchase online or at their brick & mortar store.

Our solutions have evolved with the ever changing retail scenario and are equipped with the following software solutions in order to provide an integrated Omnichannel retail experience:

Warehouse Management Systems For Omnichannel Retail Fulfilment

A highly adaptable warehouse management system that allows sudden changes to workflow is the necessity of the hour in today’s Omnichannel retail scenario. Our WMS integrates with other supply chain technologies so that you are well equipped to provide world classcustomer experiences irrespective of where your customers interact with your brand

Web Stores

Our web stores are developed & optimized to drive & convert traffic with all the possible e-commerce tools currently available. Each store is uniquely designed to match your brand. We ensure that your customers get the best possible shopping experience.

Order Management Software

Our order management software is cloud based which allows it to be easily deployed & accessed by unlimited users with controlled access levels. You can modify orders, make payments / refunds & track packages. It also has powerful searching & reporting tools.

Mobile Point of Sales

Customers expect store associates to have knowledge of their purchase history & brand engagement irrespective of their channel. Often store associates armed with portable devices such as smart phones or tablets, can access all the information they need to service customers with our mobile point of sales applications.

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