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Liner & Agency

Irrespective of whether you are a shipping agent or a shipping line, a software solution for managing your shipments for multiple principals across multiple countries enables you to increase productivity. It also helps to manage your shipments on a global level.

Some of the features of a Liner & Agency solution:

Advanced automation for agencies:

A robust Liner & Agency solution supports multiple principals, handles import, export, international and domestic requirement for all types of shipments & cargo.

Global visibility for principals:

A platform is offered that automates and streamlines processes and gives full global visibility of bookings and container locations across the globe to the principals. Inbuilt electronic messaging capabilities connect with local customs and port authorities. The inbuilt accounting, tracking, auto rating and CRM functionality allows management and viewing of the status of your shipments worldwide.

Streamlined operations for smoother shipments:

A streamlined operational process maximizes operator productivity. The data is integrated across the entire operation and allows for easy workflow management. It also reduces hours spent on repetitive and routine processes, thus increasing overall productivity and enabling both principals and agencies to focus on what matters most.

Detailed documentation customized to meet your needs:

The comprehensive set of documents provided by a Liner & Agency solution covers all the necessary aspects of a shipping company’s needs. The easy customization available suits your corporate brand and automated processes allow for bulk delivery of documents.

Clever container management and detention:

The Liner & Agency solution provides all the functionality required to track and control containers, either on or off the vessel. The containers can be managed in multiple locations, returned on time and are made available for export and you are alerted of any discrepancies.

If containers are delayed, returned unshipped, loaded on a different voyage or repositioned on customer request, an automated system lets you keep control of the situation.

Keep track of costs with accurate principal accounting:

The extensive accounting features available you keep track of costs. It has broad multi-currency accounting capabilities which estimates and manages expenses and revenue by port and process supplier, and provides full vessel reconciliation and voyage disbursements so you can report finances accurately and efficiently.

CargoWise One from WiseTech Global is a comprehensive software solution which helps you to easily manage your shipments for multiple clients across multiple countries at a time.

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