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Forwarding or Freight Forwarding is the management and transportation of goods from one place to another through single or multiple carriers like air, sea, land or rail.

The freight forwarder ensures that the goods are maintained in good condition and are transported in an efficient & cost-effective manner.

The responsibilities of a freight forwarder are:

  1. To act as an intermediary between the client and the various transportation services including carriers, customs & handlers that are involved in getting the product across to the customer.
  2. Negotiating tariffs, taking care of customs regulations, packaging, labelling & documentation.

Our forwarding solutions have the following features:

  1. Deeply integrated to organize & coordinate both domestic and international shipments covering multiple transportation modes.
  2. Built in Operations for smooth transportation:
    All the operations pertaining to forwarding are built into the system across multiple modules which enables you to run global operations as a single interconnected unit. All details pertaining to your shipment can be maintained in a single form thus saving time and providing more transparency.
  3. Increased automation for productivity
    Our solution provides the necessary automation to avoid manual and paper based process thus saving time, money & human resources.It eliminates the need for re-entry of information by making it available across various offices and eliminates the possibility of errors. You can create your own workflows which will be managed by the system. Existing data is auto populated by the system and charges are calculated automatically. Thus through our automated processes, you can save more time to devote your energies to managing your freight efficiently.
  4. Improved communications with Customs & Customers
    Our comprehensive communication unites forwarders to all links in the supply chain thus improving communication via electronic transfer of data with multiple organizations which includes customs, port authorities, transport providers, depots, facilitators, agents as well as your customers & clients. Automated alerts provide your customers with the information they need at the right time. Automated reports monitor the KPIs.
  5. Visibility at each stage
    Our web based tracking capabilities equip you to grant visibility to your customers all throughout the transportation process. It enables them to see the status of goods, orders and shipment easily in real time. The information can be accessed whenever they need it.

CargoWise One developed by WiseTech Global is a robust as well as flexible forwarding solution which caters to the needs of global forwarders.

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