supply chain


Round the clock availability, fast & easy access, availability of options for products and the global reach are the perks of ecommerce from a customer’s point of view. The commonly noted disadvantages are that there is limited access to prompt customer service, inability to see or touch a product before purchase & of course the wait time for the product to be delivered.

But what does this mean for the sellers in the ecommerce market?

They have to be adequately equipped to manage their brick and mortar stores along with their online stores without any glitch. Fulfilment is the process of generating, filling, delivering and servicing the customer’s orders accurately and on time as well. Ecommerce players need to have an efficient third party logistics (3PL) solution in order to meet the ever increasing orders while maximising the profits.

When a customer orders a pair of jeans online instead of buying from the retail store, the process begins. Warehousing, inventory, packing, picking, shipping & tracking are the major processes to be taken care of by a 3PL provider. Delivery as well as Reverse logistics which is the logistics to process returned goods is also the responsibility of the ecommerce business provider. A 3PL service provider takes care of your logistics requirements.

A 3PL service provider provides the following services:

Smooth supply chain management:

A smooth supply chain management results in timely delivery of products which goes a long way in ensuring a happy customer.


A 3PL will take care of the storage of your goods by investing in space and technology required to run a warehouse. The cost will be efficiently controlled as the warehouse is shared by multiple clients.

Freight Consolidation:

Ecommerce merchants send multiple small consignments to the same location. In such a scenario all the small goods are consolidated into one shipment which helps to lower the shipping charges.

Order Fulfilment:

Order fulfilment ensures that the right goods reach the buyer at the right time in proper condition.

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