supply chain


Get data from any part of your business operations to the right people in your company and empower them to make the right business decisions.

Equip your team with deeper insight of your business operations

HighJump’s Business Intelligence solutions enables you to equip your team with all the information pertaining to your business when required. Our Business Intelligence solutions look across all of the systems that serve your business to gather operational insights which enables your team to make the best decisions in any scenario..

Easily visualize information across your business

Easily track information regarding your business operation. You can define / customize the information to be viewed in our solution and can create multiple dashboards which can be shared across your team. Real-time information can be delivered to all of the stakeholders in your business.

Efficiently empower your workforce

We live in the age of mobile devices as well as desktops. Your team looks forward to being able to access the information they require irrespective of whether they are at their desk or on the move. Our Business Intelligence solution goes where they go, delivering up-to-the-minute information to enrich their decision-making process whether they’re in the office, on a plane with a tablet, or walking down the street leveraging their phone.

Easily access information across multiple business systems

Usually the supply chain information that is accessible to businesses is the supply chain information available in a single application. HighJump’s Business Intelligence solution enables you to view the wealth of information that is available across the various business systems that you rely on every day — including ours.

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